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Jul 1


Thank you Xiamen. This is Matt’s wife’s home town. Photos by Tian Lei.

Amenra - The Pain. It Is Shapeless. We Are Your Shapeless Pain.

Stigma your name onto my lungs.
Every breath I take.
Is for you.
Every prayer I say.
For you.
You cut your name.
Into my flesh.
All the blood is for you.
Like a prayer for you.
I am the breath going in.
I am the breath coming out.
I am the breather but only for now.
I want you to know.
It’s time to trade those tears for scars.
It’s time.
To make your life worthwhile.
It’s time.
Never forget.
You’ll always be the end of everything I’ve ever done.
You will always be.
The end of me.

No Gods No Masters Demo/ EP, by No Gods No Masters

No Gods No Masters


At the end of 2012 some former band mates of local metal and hardcore acts felt the urge to go slow and brutal. No Gods No Masters was formed and songs were written. Their 4 song demo/EP was released in September 2013 and presented during a release party with Acid Deathtrip and others. Their demo/ EP was greeted with positive reviews. No Gods No masters is often compared to bands from the NOLA scene and English bands in the likes of Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey and Black Sabbath, but with a twist of Cro-mags and Integrity.

Their live shows are low, loud and tend to piss off sound engineers. The band is currently working on their full length and is looking for a label that shares their ambition to release some vinyl and go for space domination.

You can find No Gods No Masters on:

Phantom Glue- A War of Light Cones [Name Your Price]

Top notch psychedelic sludge from BAHWSTON

Time for some new bands (at least new for me)

I’ve been a little bit busy with a “new” job. I have not had much time to listen to some bands who have shared their music through some asks, sorry for that. I will share some of them and apologize for the delay and the absence of a review.

Amenra - De Dodenakker

When I call out your name, will you appear then?
Or will it stay silent and will i die alone again?

Amenra - A Mon Âme
Directed by: Willy Vanderperre

Willy Vanderperre Strips Bare the Belgian Rockers

“It was the first time really that we did something that was out of our hands,” says Colin H van Eeckhout, the lead vocalist of post-metal band Amenra, of working with Willy Vanderperre on today’s arresting video for their 13-minute track. “Normally I’m all over anything we do, so it was quite scary for us to just let go and trust someone, blindly.” “A Mon Âme” marks the second music video outing of the fashion photographer, who’s stark, uncanny style has graced campaigns for the likes of Christian Dior, Jil Sander and Raf Simons. The fellow Belgian approached the band after seeing them play live in Paris, and wanted to distill the intensity and power of their performance. “For the video, I wanted to be almost on their skin, very close in a hypnotic way,” says Vanderperre. Below he talks to NOWNESS about his foray into music.

What comes to mind when you listen to Amenra’s music?
Willy Vanderperre: 
The flat lands, my hometown, skin.

What was the starting point for the video?
Growing up in the same area of Belgium as the band members—no one captures the vibe and the spirit of South West Flanders in music as they do. The sound transports me back there instantly. 

What was it like working with These New Puritans for your first music video? 
What is great about These New Puritans is that they are a band not afraid of experimentation, they’re constantly evolving. When we worked together on the artwork for the brilliant Fields of Reed album, we decided to shoot a video together.

Which artists are on constant rotation on your playlist?
Amenra, Depeche Mode, Balthazar (another genius Belgian band) and Lubomyr Melnyk.

The Ocean - Eoarchaean

Where does it come from 
And how was it made? 
Who died in the process 
And who got paid a starvation wage?

Shopcops protect 
A terrifying place 

Willing to serve you 24 hours a day 

Slick etiquettes 
A great masquerade 

Fluorescent tubes illuminate milelong aisles

Aseptic floors
Colorful shelves: myriads of products, but all their content is the same
Fooled and deceived 
Who made us fall for this sham? 
Who made us swallow the bait that we need all that shit? 

Where does it come from 
And how was it made? 

Who died in the process 
And who got paid a starvation wage?

Place your blind faith 
In every produce 
Don’t hesitate or enquire, just follow our rules 

No one complains 
Customer is king 

Why would you bother, just enter the pin 

Who made us fall
Fall for the myth
That we would be better off with everything at our fingertips?

No one realized
How somewhere along the line

We have surrendered to the great void in our lives

Overwhelmed by the immense selection
Exerted to cover our inanition

Afraid that there’s something that we could be missing 
We’d pay any price to buy everything 

We stand in line and smile….Celebrate the great emptiness of our lives

Celebrate the great emptiness of our lives
Celebrate the great emptiness of our lives 

Celebrate the great emptiness of our lives

Wolfbrigade - Road To Dreams


Formed as Wolfpack in 1995 by members of Anti Cimex, Obscure Infinity and Harlequin. The result became a mix of their previous musical efforts, but with a main direction leaning towards hardcore/crust.

This lineup released 2 albums and a bunch of EPs until a new singer was found in 1999 and another album was done. After this the band decided to change their name to Wolfbrigade and have since then gone through 2 more line up changes, briefly been in hiatus between 2004-2006( but the current line up played under the name “Today’s Overdose” during those years)  and released another 3 albums, some Eps, and played live around Europe and the USA.

In December 2008 the album “Comalive” was released, an album which saw the band return to their roots while still not straying too far from the slightly more melodic sound of later years. To promote the album they did some massive (for Wolfbrigade’s standard) touring, wich also took the band to play the two biggest gigs in their career, Obscene Extreme in Czech and Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore, USA. During 2011 the band have decided to take a break from playing live gigs and locked themselves in their new home studio the “Wolf’s Den” and wrote a new album, “Damned” – which will be released on new partners Southern Lord Recordings and old friends La Famila Releases. This was recorded with old friend and producer Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman, the first one since the legendary “Lycanthro Punk” back in 1998. The pack is indeed still hungry and ”Damned” is their strongest record yet, filled with steamroller hardcore riffs, haunting melodies, powerful d-beat and Micke’s howling roars. These guys put their whole hearts into this release.

Band Members

  • Jocke - Guitar
  • Erik - Guitar
  • Micke - Vocals
  • Dadde - Drums
  • Johan - Bass


  • The Wolfpack Years (2003)
  • In Darkness You Feel No Regrets (2003)
  • A D-beat Odyssey Ep (2004)
  • Prey to the World (2007)
  • Comalive (2008)
  • Damned (2012)